Every community project

Northwestel has a 3 year plan to bring high speed unlimited Internet to every community in Yukon and Northwest Territories.

With funding from the CRTC and our own investments, we will harness world-leading fibre-to-the-home and low-earth-orbit satellite technology to make these territories among the most connected jurisdictions in Canada.

“Our Northern strength lies in our communities - each with their own stories and culture to share. When we erase distance and bring our communities together, our potential becomes… unlimited.”

Improving home Internet

Right now, smaller Northern communities have access to very different home Internet speeds and different rates than in larger communities. Within 3 years, we will bring all communities up to the same minimum standard of 50 Mbps download speeds with an option for unlimited data with the same Internet rates available in every community.
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Introducing unlimited Internet

Internet current and future compared

No standalone Internet surcharge on fibre and wireless home Internet.

No rate increases for 5 years on Internet 50.

Same rates in communities as in northern city centres.

[1] Aklavik, Déline, Tuktoyaktuk and Nahanni Butte will receive upgraded speeds of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.
[2] Satellite improvements may be subject to technology availability. Old Crow Internet upgrade will happen in 2 phases. First phase will increase speeds to 15 Mbps download with 200 GB data allowance. The second phase will bring 50 Mbps download and unlimited data.
[3] Northwestel is actively seeking partner funding to ensure Whati, NWT meets the Universal Service Objective within 3 years.

Closing the technology gap


Old legacy technology within communities limits our ability to bring high-speed Internet to customers' homes. We'll solve that by laying fibre-optic cable right to the home - either along poles or buried underground.

Fibre To The Home

We're also adding even more fibre-optic cable to our transport network to strengthen connections for our customers in Faro, Ross River, Mayo and Dettah.

Low-earth-orbit satellite

The long distances and limited capacity of geo-stationary orbit satellites limit Internet speeds in remote areas of the North. We'll solve that by harnessing Telesat's low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, projected to launch by 2022. We'll also invest in next generation wireless-to-the-home technology to bring fast speeds to the doorstep.

LEO satellite
35x closer than GEO satellites
Fibre-like performance

Ground stations will be installed in communities connecting to LEO satellites, bringing the Internet from space to your home.

Social and economic benefits

  • Quality of life

    More data and faster speeds mean more choice for families and community members, whether they use the internet to boost their small business, video-chat with loved ones, or stream their favourite 4K content. And internet rates will always compare to what’s available in the North’s larger cities. No more choosing between work, education and play, unlimited possibilities for your whole family.

  • Local service

    Customers will be served by technicians and customer support living and working in Northern Canada. Local Community Service Technicians in the communities will receive skills re-training so they can resolve issues on the new network within their home community.

  • Economic development

    During construction, Northwestel will seek to use qualified local and northern services, contractors and suppliers where possible, unless specialized skills are required to complete the project.

  • Healthcare and education

    International studies have shown that rural broadband access has a positive impact on healthcare and education outcomes. This project will reduce barriers to accessing quality government and social services, wherever you live.

“We're driven by a vision of a highly connected North where every Northern Canadian can prosper and thrive. We're getting there by delivering the most innovative communications solutions for the North.”

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Thank you for your feedback on the Every Community plan. The survey is now closed and the information sessions have wrapped up.

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You are still able to contact us at everycommunity@nwtel.ca

Virtual information sessions

The information sessions have already taken place, but you can still listen to recordings of the sessions through the links below.

Northwest Territories

Session recording - Tuesday October 22 @ 7pm MT


Session recording - Thursday October 22 @ 10am PT

Acknowledging the North's Indigenous people

Northwestel operates on the traditional territories of many Indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the many partnerships that have helped build a strong northern network. We commit to moving forward in consultation and collaboration with local communities and Indigenous Governments.